Ela Kujawska – Massage Therapist

Ela has been a massage therapist for over 20 year having qualified at the Clare Maxwell School of Massage in London.

Her training and work experience covers a wide spectrum of clients and conditions.  She has worked with patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, massaged on hospital beds and volunteered at the North London Hospice.  The largest group of her clients are people who are fit and well and want to maintain their well being.

Ela offers deep tissue and pregnancy massage.  Deep tissue massage is a great way to get at those knots in the muscles, but Ela makes sure that deep pressures are complimented by smooth relaxing strokes.

Pregnancy is a very special time for women but it can be physically and emotionally difficult. Massage helps to switch off and relax, to be in the body while it is going through the changes.

Ela Kujawska Price List

Fully Body Massage60 minutes£45.00
Back and Shoulder Massage30 minutes£30
Pregnancy Massage60 minutes£45.00
Cash or cheque only please.