Physiokey Treatment for Anxiety and Panic

Pain Therapist Kim Aminu Receives Glowing Testimonial

Hello Kim, still feeling good and happy to give you some feedback.

“Towards the end of 2016 I was constantly feeling anxious and occasionally on the verge of a panic attack in various mundane situations. I had been to Kim previously and during a friendly exchange she asked how I was and I told her fine physically but suffering a high level of anxiety, she suggested that she could help me.

I booked a session thinking no harm trying but not expecting a lot! The period leading up to Christmas and early New Year has always been the worst time of year for me so I decided to see Kim twice a week initially, which we did for about a month.

These concentrated treatments were always immediately relaxing and started to achieve a good sense of well-being. Each session featured different parts of my body: head, face, neck, back, spine, abdomen.

I have been able to enjoy life much more and am now seeing Kim on an ad hoc basis, probably once a month to hopefully sustain this benefit. Unlike being on anti-depressants, which I have done in the past, I now feel that I can control my anxiety and retrain myself to cope with life events. In addition, Kim has helped with recommendations for appropriate supplements”.