Life Coach and Personal Trainer

Alissia Knight

Alissia takes a holistic mind and body approach in both personal training and life coaching to achieve transformational change.

Alissia is passionate about making fitness and nutrition accessible and easy for all – for busy mums, for those that run their own businesses, for those who don’t like the gym and for those that want diet and fitness to feel less complicated.

No matter your experience, whether you are only starting out or are a regular exerciser, Alissia wants to help you (to help yourself) to achieve your goals. Your goals could be getting into shape and toning, weight loss, improving your fitness, injury prevention or returning to exercise after time off.

Following her own weight loss success, losing around five stone as a young adult, she understands the lifestyle and mindset changes that are needed to successfully lose weight and maintain it and feel greater confidence both outside and in.

She takes an evidence based approach to training and nutrition, seeking out the latest scientific research to support clients in their goals.

Alissia also delivers specific confidence and self-belief coaching for those feeling trapped by self-doubt, self-sabotage and low esteem and desperately want to move forward and rekindle the love in the relationship with themselves.

Coaching with Alissia can help you discover new possibilities, by working through the areas you are feeling stuck and frustrated with.

Through this coaching you will have an amazing safe space to reflect on and verbalise what is going on for you, without judgement or expectation. You will have the time to be curious about your dreams and desires and what is really important to YOU. And you will receive the momentum, through complete focus on you and regular accountability, to move forward and make change happen.

Alissia Knight’s Price List:

AMK Fitness Personal Training

Initial free 50 min consultation session to discuss goals and background.

Sessions are available in blocks:

15 sessions = £525

10 sessions = £350

5 sessions = £175


4 month coaching programme

Initial free 50 min consultation session to discuss goals.

If client signs up they will get 9 coaching sessions over 4 months.

Including one 90 minute Discovery session and then 50 minute sessions thereafter.

Weekly email, text or WhatsApp support for check in and should anything arise that you want to explore.

Price is £450 in full upfront or £115 monthly over 4 months.