At the end of January members of the Cowes Chiropractic team attended the annual ‘Women in Chiropractic’ conference in London. As the name suggests, it is an event held by women, for women, and the themes this year were creation, connection and collaboration. Speakers from across the world spoke of the challenges and achievements they

This is a great question and the simple answer is there is no ‘one size fits all’ we will do our absolute best to find a recommendation that suits you. For your first visit to the clinic we put aside a good hour because your care plan needs to be tailored to you. Through taking

Many years ago when I was working in the City of London and suffering from anxiety and alienation, a friend recommended a massage. I booked one and was hooked after just one session!  I felt more positive, more energised, slept better and woke up earlier than usual without an alarm! I soon decided to retrain

During the later stages of life substantial changes occur in the spine. As we get older spinal discs, ligaments, muscles and other tissues become tired, dehydrated and less able to withstand the natural pressures of day-to-day living. As a result, pain or discomfort from spinal degeneration such as arthritis becomes more noticeable and the time

We all get older, get sick at times, and many of us suffer from unnecessary illnesses simply because we don’t put the right nutrients into our bodies. More and more studies are showing that many ailments are created because of dietary deficiencies.  Given the right tools your body is great at looking after itself. It

  When I was at chiropractic college we were taught that subluxations (aka spinal misalignments, the things that cause nerve impingement) occurred as a result of traumas, tensions and toxins which over the years I have found to be absolutely true.   Why the traumas, tensions and toxins cause the subluxations can be summarised in one

ChiroEurope is a conference that occurs twice a year, spring and autumn, inclusively catering for Chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, students, friends and family and anyone who’s interested in Chiropractic care. The long weekend consists of a series of speakers who aim to challenge, support, inspire, share their miracles, give advice and ultimately bring out the best

Many of the patients who attend Cowes Chiropractic Clinic come for help with Pelvic Girdle Pain.  The Pelvic Partnership are a charity that set up to support and educate those with Pelvic Girdle Pain. Run entirely by volunteers who themselves suffered PGP their aim is to help those suffering access much needed support and treatment.

              The average human body is 75% water. Our brains consist of 75%, blood 92 %, bones 22% and muscles 75%. So what happens to the body when you are dehydrated? Blood pressure.   When you are dehydrated blood becomes thicker and therefore makes it harder to flow this can

Hypermobility is becoming more commonly diagnosed and in our clinic we are seeing more patients suffering with typical symptoms who have been formally diagnosed but are at a loss as to how to manage this condition.   Hypermobility is the term that is used to describe the ability to move joints beyond the normal range