Why do I need vitamin D? We all know that the warmth of the sun beating down on our skin makes us feel good and provides us with vitamin D. So why is vitamin D so important? How can you tell if you are lacking in it? What can you do during the gloomy winter

What are they? Primitive reflexes are a series of reflexes that often begin in the womb. They have a function to play in birth and early survival of a baby and many of them will be familiar to those with children such as the startle reflex. Each of the reflexes serves a purpose. As babies

With summer now a distant memory, we succumb to dark cold mornings. And at this time of year, the dreaded colds and flu season arrives. What can we do to ensure that we remain heathy?       Eat well – although it may be tempting to eat comfort food that’s high in sugar and

Receptionist Vicky is feeling very lucky to receive such care and support from her lovely colleagues here at the clinic, following a soft tissue injury to her right foot last week.  She describes the treatment she received following a tumble down the stairs at home, precipitated by her beloved cat Tommy! SOT Chiropractor Dr. Ian

Have you ever taken a close look at how many people walk along the high street with their heads bent forward looking at their mobile phones!!!!  You will be surprised at the amount…… You may even be one of those people who uses their mobile, smartphone or tablet obsessively?  However, have you ever realised that

Physiokey is an amazing pain relief therapy being used by medical doctors as well as natural therapists. It can be used to help relieve acute pain from sports injuries as well as chronic problems like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. The Physiokey device is made in Germany and follows on from the Scenar device. Both work on

In the last 6 months, we have seen a 126% rise in the number of newborns (0-12months of age) that have come to our practice for chiropractic treatment. The main source of referrals has been word of mouth within the community through friends, family and local healthcare providers who have all seen positive changes in