Juliet Sargent – Creative Kinesiology

Helping You to Create Change

Creative Kinesiology is a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and muscle testing, work with the subtle energy systems of the body.  Creative Kinesiology is non-invasive and gentle and works by accessing stored information that the body holds from life events.  This information can be held in the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind  that can be used to redress the balance of the body’s energy systems, helping to promote health and wellbeing.  Some events may have disrupted the subtle balance within the system which can result in symptoms such as pain and discomfort, illness, lack of energy and depression, feeling unfulfilled and lost.

As Creative Kinesiology is truly holistic then all areas are considered, mental, physical, spiritual, nutritional and subtle.

Working with the patient in this way allows me to clear away unwanted patterns to enable movement in to a new way of being and approach to life.   This in turn helps the body to heal itself and continue on it’s life journey.

The Royal College of Chiropractors Patient Partnership Quality Mark