We are open!

We have been working hard during lockdown to review how we work, to ensure that our practice is safe for both patients and staff alike. We have been keeping up to date with medical and scientific research concerned with COVID-19, which all points to a safe and controlled re-opening of our clinic if appropriate steps are taken.

Safety First

We are taking a belt and braces approach to our protocols to ensure we can be as safe as possible. By using a combination of screening questions, non-contact temperature testing and new social distancing and hygiene protocols, we are confident you will receive fantastic treatment in a safe environment.

What’s Changed?

Whilst we all adjust to the changes in life, your experience with us may be a little different to usual. Some examples include:

  • Being asked not to bring in bags and unnecessary belongings
  • Being asked to respect the two metres social distancing rules when outside of your treatment room
  • Being required to wash or sanitize your hands on entry and exit of our clinics
  • Only arriving for your appointment at the allotted time and not before

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 01983 282810 for further details.