How to book

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If you can’t find a suitable appointment via our online booking system, please call us, as we may have emergency appointments available.

Standard course of treatments

Most patients respond well to chiropractic treatment and depending on the individual’s condition a course of treatment can vary from 2 to 3 treatments. This can be up to 6 treatments at regular intervals if a patient has carried a long standing injury.

Your chiropractor will tailor your treatment plan to you and aim towards routine maintenance treatments at either 3, 6 or 12 monthly intervals.

Booking a free 15 minute assessment

Please telephone or pop into our reception during the hours of 08:30 and 17:30 to arrange a convenient time to come in for an informal chat with any of our chiropractors.

Appointments are available between 9am and early evening Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings from 9am to 2pm.

Depending on where you are experiencing the discomfort they will check for misalignments of the spinal vertebrae, leg or shoulder joints.

After discussing your individual symptoms they will offer their opinion as to whether you could benefit from chiropractic treatments.

No fees are charged for this appointment.

We are happy for any patient to bring along a friend or family member to act as their chaperone but all patients under the age of 16 years must be chaperoned.

Booking your initial treatment

Please telephone or pop into our reception during the hours of 08:30 and 17:30 Monday – Friday or Saturday morning between 08:30 and 14:00 to arrange your initial treatment. You can also contact by email.

Your initial appointment can take up to 1 ½ hours and we would recommend you plan your appointment so that you are able to follow our aftercare recommendations ( please see our Treatment Aftercare page include on our website).

Appointments are available between 9am and early evening Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings.

During this initial appointment your chiropractor will take full details of your medical history – covering details of your condition, any previous accidents and injuries, current medication, surgical procedures, general health and lifestyle.

We ask patients to undress down to their underwear and the clinic can provide you with a treatment gown. The treatment is a whole body treatment and the chiropractor will by hand make the appropriate adjustments as they thoroughly check all joints of your body.

Fees – Adult £67.00 Children £50.00

Patients under the age of 16 must be chaperoned.

Important Information for New Patients

Congratulations!! You have made the first step to address your health issues – thank you for choosing Cowes Chiropractic Clinic.

During your initial chiropractic appointment your chiropractor will ask you many questions regarding your past and present medical history and your past and present lifestyle.

Your current symptoms may be related to a recent incident, previous medical procedures or from a childhood mishap such as falling off your pushbike!

To help your chiropractor to help you to better health… Get your thinking caps on to remember any of the following events during your lifetime –

PHYSICAL TRAUMASbroken bones, heavy strains and sprains, etc
DENTAL PROCEDUREStooth extractions, crowns, root canal or have worn orthodontics
GENERAL ANAESTHETICyear when the procedure was carried out and what kind of surgery - pin/plate in leg to mend severe fracture, pacemaker etc
MEDICAL CONDITIONShigh/low blood pressure, asthma, exzema, epilepsy, heart/lung/kidney conditions, diabetes, allergies
MEDICAL CARESeen your GP, taking pain killers, completed a course of physiotherapy, X-Ray or MRI, prescription medication
SOCIAL HISTORYCurrent stress issues - bereavement, emotional trauma

Each patient will have their own unique history and the above is a small range of conditions/events that you may have experienced. Any details that you are able to provide will be a big help.

We look forward to hearing all about you.

Booking your follow up treatment

Your chiropractor will make recommendations at the initial treatment as to when to plan further treatment and may suggest the interval between your follow up treatments. Normally the first follow up treatment would be planned for between 7 to 14 days after the initial appointment.

Depending on how well you respond to treatment, your chiropractor will recommend longer periods between treatments, working towards 3 to 6 monthly maintenance treatments.

Follow up appointment are around 30 minutes

Fees – Adult £50.00 Children £40.00

Patients under the age of 16 must be chaperoned.

Workplace Assessments

Chiropractors Rebecca, Maria and Roger are available to attend your work place to offer your staff free 15 minute chiropractic assessments.  Previously we have attended local firms alongside other healthcare professionals to discuss health and wellness with their employees.

On other occasions we have provided presentations to sports clubs and groups to demonstrate chiropractic treatment and provide the audience with an open questions and answers session.

If you are planning to hold any staff events please keep us in mind as we would welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves to your team.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.   Click Here for our Contact Form

Clinic services

Payment can be made by debit/credit card, cheque or cash.

Treatment receipts can be given for insurance policies. The clinic is registered with a number of insurance companies and the clinic director with BUPA. Treatment fees can be invoiced direct on receipt of the patient’s insurance company’s authorisation reference.

The clinic is happy to offer our patients an appointment confirmation or reminder by telephone call or text message – please arrange these with reception.

Clinical reports can be provided by your chiropractor but may be chargeable (from £50.00).

Diagnostic review appointments, to discuss x-ray or MRI images and reports, from £50.00.

Out of hours cover

Please call 01983 282810 to speak with any of the team. Any messages that are left will be handled within the next working day.

Alternatively, in an emergency leave a message on the clinic’s out of hours mobile number 07929 376 082. The on call chiropractor will call you back.

If you urgently need medical help or advice, but it’s not a life-threatening situation please call NHS 111. You can also call NHS 111 if you’re not sure which NHS service you need.

Emergency treatment

Once you are registered as a patient with Cowes Chiropractic Clinic, if at any time you require urgent emergency treatment, any one of the chiropractors at the clinic will happily provide follow up treatment if your regular chiropractor is not available.

For regular chiropractic patients, who may be visiting the Isle of Wight or unable to obtain appointment with their regular chiropractor, we are able to offer emergency treatment. A copy of the full treatment notes can be forwarded to the patient’s regular chiropractor if they give their consent.

Clinic access

All our treatment rooms are at ground floor level and are suitable for pushchair or wheelchair access. We recommend patients with limited mobility be accompanied.  Disabled toilet and baby changing facilities are available.