I first met Melanie when she was working at T.L.C. in Freshwater. At that time I was having a problem with swollen ankles. She told me that it was called Lymphodema so I made an appointment for her to come to my home and practice some reflexology on me. She came and I found the treatment very relaxing and looked forward to her visits. Over a period of time, not long, my swelling went down and I no longer have the problems being able to wear by boots which before I couldn’t get on.  I believe she has magic hands.  I find her to be a very caring, loving and professional lady.  Well trained in what she does and I trust her implicitly and if any other thing went wrong I would call her immediately.

Jenny Russell

We would very much like to hear from our patients, if you have any comments / testimonials then please send them via our contacts page.

Before my treatment I was feeling hopeless. I had had 2 spinal surgeries and nothing had made a difference.  I was depressed and anxious.  Since treatment my mobility has improved unbelievably and the pain has almost gone completely. I honestly feel like it has saved my life.

RM – East Cowes – Age 42

In a phone call to the clinic a patient reported that her treatment with Massage Therapist Anna has made such an amazing difference to her life. Before treatment the pain in her calves was so bad that it took her hours to get from East Cowes to Cowes walking and talking the floating bridge, because she had to stop and cry because of the pain. Since seeing Anna just once she power walked up Mill Hill Road in 10 minutes. She has been recommending Anna to everyone!! She said Anna had completely changed her life and that she never thought she could be pain free again.
SS – Newport – Aged 61

From a patient who visited us with back pain after a car accident – ‘It has helped hugely.  My back and pelvis always feel so much better after treatment.  Everyone should have it! Many thanks.
IM – Newport – aged 45

I first visited the clinic 13 years ago with neck problems upon the advice of my GP.  Chiropractic care has helped immensely – not just with my neck problems but also with my migraines, and psychologically – my chirpractor is my BEST FRIEND!!!
CG – Sandown – aged 62

It was amazing, instant relief from neck pain and muscles all over my back, helping with posture and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you Chiropractor Philippa.
DP, Newport aged 32

Amazing Treatment! Ian must be a magician!  I have gone from severe pain and inability to walk properly to being out of pain and fully functional within 3/4 days.

After my session with Philippa, I actually stood up from my chair without pushing myself up with my hands on the arms of the chair.  I am moving freely for the first time in 6 months.
LP, Freshwater aged 68

I have had back problems since the age of 25, caused through being a fan dancer – fans too heavy for my frame.  Chiropractic Care has helped to relieve my pain.  Rebecca Taylor was recommended to me and is the best of all.  I know because I have been to many therapists over the years and Rebecca is simply the best.
JH, Ryde aged 77


I’ve been to many chiropractic clinics over the years. This is the first one to succeed in sorting out my back problems, which is a huge relief. They have succeeded in stopping my back problems while training for a marathon cross-country ski race. Many thanks especially to Phil.
JD, Cowes aged 48

To get relief from long term back problems and ankle difficulties has enabled me to make far reaching changes to my everyday life. Having endured years of difficulties due to congenital leg shortening, I now lead a full and active life and free from pain or discomfort in either my ankle or my back. My trips to the chiropractor are a vital part of my ongoing health and wellbeing. DC,
Binstead aged 48

Chiropractic treatment has helped with my mobility and to sleep well. I would certainly recommend this practice to other people. The staff are very professional and excellent at what they do.
DC, Cowes aged 65

After my first treatment my ‘whole’ body felt better! The injury/pain from my twisted pelvis, that I had with suffered for two years, took a little longer. Now I sleep, walk and enjoy life. I should have come sooner, but wrongly assumed I would get better in time. I think the constant pain had dulled my senses.
McTimoney is such a gentle, relaxing treatment, something to be enjoyed not endurd. Thank you, you are my savior!
MB, East Cowes aged 63


Thank you to Rebecca for her informative and enjoyable talk on the McTimoney Chiropractic method. Several WI members have commented on how much they enjoyed the afternoon. February 2012