Frequently Asked Questions

How long are appointments?

The length of appointments is the same for each of our practitioners, which is:

Initial Consultation – 30mins

Initial Assessments – up to 60mins

Follow ups – 30mins

What to wear?

It is best to wear comfortable, loose fitted clothing that can easily be taken off and on. It’s best not to wear anything tight fitted as when you out your clothing back on, there may still be some residual massage oil on your skin which could transfer onto your clothing and make you uncomfortable after your treatment. Another way to prepare is to tie your hair up or put it into a bun out of the way. This will stop your hair from getting oily and won’t get in the therapists way.

If you’re a female and you’re not comfortable with being topless, then that’s okay. Wearing a normal bra that is easily unclipped will allow the therapist to access your back without fully having to undress. If you forget then that’s okay because we have gowns in all our treatment rooms, which you can use.