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Esme Connelly

Esme Connelly

Esme Connelly – BSc Hons (Chiro)
McTimoney Chiropractor, General Chiropractic Council Reg No 03100

Esme gained her BSc Hons McTimoney Chiropractic qualification in 2008. Whilst attending the McTimoney Chiropractic College, Esme worked at the Cowes Chiropractic Clinic as a deep tissue massage therapist for five years.

Esme has a wealth of understanding of the McTimoney chiropractic treatment as she became a McTimoney patient at the age of eight. Up until this point, Esme suffered with numerous daily absences and was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. At the age of eight she received a course of McTimoney chiropractic treatment, from which she experienced a remarkable improvement and subsequently over a couple of years had grown out of this condition.

Esme has a passion for chiropractic and enjoys treating patients of all ages. Having firsthand experience of receiving chiropractic at such young age, this has given Esme a focus on paediatric patients. She has enjoyed success with children that suffer with such conditions as ADHD, Autism, dyspraxia as well as with very young babies.

Esme left school at the age of 16 and pursued a career in the global marine industry, gained numerous qualifications and worked within many sectors of the sailing industry. Working in this environment for over nine years, she has seen the world and has gained valuable life experiences. She returned home to the Isle of Wight to train as a McTimoney chiropractor and has been in practice since January 2009.

Esme has continued in her training, to specialise in pregnancy, new-borns and paediatric conditions.

With the use of neurological, orthopaedic and primitive reflex testing alongside her treatment, Esme can ensure that the integration and development at such an early age is progressing correctly.

Where it is needed alongside the treatment, parents can be given home care advice to optimise the progress and development of their child.

Being a mother of two, she also understands from a parents point of view what a difference chiropractic makes to a child at such an early age in life.

Esme is available during the following times –
Monday and Tuesday 09:30 – 18:00

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