Kim Aminu – Natural Pain Therapist

Scenar & Physiokey Therapist

Kim first became interested in Natural Therapies when a family member contracted M.E. a number of years ago. Over time, as the illness progressed, the traditional allopathic route provided little relief so she began to look at alternative routes to healing. She started to look at nutrition and its importance of enhancing the body’s self-healing abilities. Kim studied with Barbara Wren at the College of Natural Nutrition for 2 years and then fate led her to the Scenar device (self-controlled energy near adaptive regulator).

The Scenar was one of the first neurostimulation devices. It was developed by the Russians initially for their Cosmonauts to self-heal during their missions. It was adopted by russian communities who used it for many of their health problems.

The Scenar device had just been introduced to the UK and she was drawn to it’s pain relieving abilities. (M.E. sufferers usually find themselves in inordinate amounts of pain and require increasingly stronger pain-relief medication). Indeed, the Scenar device helped, not only in relieving pain; it also facilitated the body in it’s own self-healing.

She studied its uses and best practice over a number of years and helped many of her family and friends whilst still very busy flying around the world as a Cabin Service Director with British Airways! Meanwhile, she added to her knowledge by taking further trainings culminating in her gaining her Levels 1 & 2 in Classic Scenar Therapy and Advanced Training in Scenar Expertise.

She decided to finally hang up her wings and devote her time to treating people suffering with acute and chronic pain, recognising the great need there is for such a therapy.

The Scenar Device has been a powerful therapy tool, but more recently Kim was introduced to the Physiokey and has been amazed by the results she has been achieving with it.

The Phsiokey is the latest in the line of neurostimulation devices and really does draw on the latest space-age technology! It is the next step on from the Scenar device, doing everything the Scenar can do and more. It is more rapid in its pain-relieving stimulation and the results really are very impressive

Kim has completed her Advanced Level Physiokey Specialist Training Course and looks forward to further advanced trainings in October 2016. She is able to use all of her skills gained using both devices in order to tackle most types of pain.


Kim Aminu Price List

Cash or cheque only please.
First session including consultationUp to 1 hour£49.00
Subsequent session30-45 mins£40.00
Pain Relief Taster Session30 mins£30.00