Gema Brent – Reflexologist


Reflexology is an ancient healing practice dating back some 3000 years. Gentle pressures are applied to specific points on the feet or hands ,which in turn, have an effect on corresponding parts of the body. The treatment is very powerful, sometimes it can be slightly painful, and it is deeply relaxing.

Gema first decided to train in reflexology when she was 38. She has always had a natural instinct for healing and touch, so she decided to put herself through college. Having gained her qualification in 2011, she started working as the therapist for the M.S. society on the Island, where she gained valuable knowledge of how to modify her treatments for individual patient needs. She then moved to work at a clinic in Lee-on-Solent. Since that time she has worked in many wellbeing centres and also had a private practice in Sandown.

Gema understands that the body heals itself, she is trained to understand what the feet are displaying and what the treatment should focus on, this enables her to tailor the treatment for specific issues.

Through the careful application of the techniques, she can help your body to be in a more balanced state, enabling healing to occur at a very deep level.

Now she is excited to join the team here, and to use her skills, knowledge and passion for reflexology to help people to reach their full health potential.

Sometimes Gema will recommend a course of treatment for specific issues but also the treatment can be used just to promote an immense sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

The treatment is carried out with the patient fully clothed, although access to the lower legs would be needed.

Qualified in reflexology of the hands as well as the feet, gives Gema the ability to treat patients who, for whatever reason, may not be able to be treated through the feet.

Reflexology can be safely used alongside any other therapies, and has many health benefits , being particularly helpful in cases of:




*Hormonal imbalances

*Menopausal issues

*Joint pain

*Back pain




*Circulation issues

*High BP *Migraine




and many more.

Her clinic hours are Wednesdays 14:00 -18:00 hrs

Reflexology Initial Treatment-  A full consultation followed by an initial reflexology treatment –  1 hr 15 minutes  £50:00

Reflexology follow up treatment – 60 minutes £45:00