Sue Moorman – Reiki & Rahanni Practitioner

Natural Spiritual Clairvoyant, Angel/Oracle/Tarot Card Reader

Sue is a Natural Spiritual Clairvoyant, Angel Oracle/Tarot Card Reader a Reiki & Rahanni Celestial Healing Certified Practitioner. Sue is Registered with the Spiritual Workers Association and fully Insured to work in Public and at home.

Sue genuinely cares and works ethically providing a spiritual and holistic experience that is supportive, compassionate, evidential, giving guidance and clarity. Being naturally intuitive and psychic she picks up people’s emotions and energy, and finds it very easy to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Sue’s natural clairvoyance allows her to bring forward messages and guidance from those passed over to their loved ones still here, to let them know that their loved ones are okay and are at peace, and always with them. She loves what she does for those who she meets, it brings such joy to her heart to see and feel how much it helps them through some of their toughest times on their journey through life.

Sue also gives Card Readings which she does with compassion, for those who just need little bit of guidance, understanding, and direction with love and boosting of their own ability to find their pathway in life. She loves working with the Angels and more with this gift, bringing much needed words of love and support to those who seek it

In 2016 Sue stepped into the world of Reiki Healing, and wow! what a step it was, she loved it, and found she was a natural at it. Taking her Level 2 Practitioner in 2017 Gaining the ability to feel and listen to people’s energy as she worked with them, to bring her intuition in as she worked, being able to see the reason for the pain and what caused it, and some ways to help let it go. Sue’s clairvoyance can often comes in working as she is healing, and messages are often shared if the client is willing at the end of a session.

It was also in 2017 that Sue met a lady who was a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner and Teacher, their paths crossing for a reason, no doubting that. Sue was to become a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner. She would have to say this healing modality called to her in gentle but consistent whispers through her heart, she knew it was for her. Working with the beautiful Pink Ray Light has changed Sue forever. Rahanni is an amazing alternative new way of healing ourselves from within and is very powerful. Allowing our hearts to open to love, it is wonderful work to be doing.

Sue loves the work she does, and she does so with the utmost respect and love for Clientele and Spirit alike, with love, compassion and confidentiality.

The Royal College of Chiropractors Patient Partnership Quality Mark