What Can You Do To Stay Healthy and Have More Energy?

We all get older, get sick at times, and many of us suffer from unnecessary illnesses simply because we don’t put the right nutrients into our bodies. More and more studies are showing that many ailments are created because of dietary deficiencies.

 Given the right tools your body is great at looking after itself. It just needs the right nutrients to maintain and self-heal. We need to help our bodies by providing the raw building blocks; minerals and vitamins, oils and water.

Have you wondered why there is an epidemic of obesity? People seem to be aging more rapidly. There are a growing number of people being diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and other ‘age-related’ illnesses.


We’re bombarding our systems with toxins on a daily basis. We put ‘foods’ into our bodies that aren’t recognised and are of no use as fuel. The majority of us are very dehydrated…we don’t drink enough water!

 Along with all of this, everyday living stresses our bodies and depletes us even more of the essential nutrients. The simple truth is, we need a lot more vitamins and minerals in our diets and we’re not getting them from the food we’re eating.

 Due to soil erosion and modern methods of farming our soil is enormously depleted of the mineral we need to live a healthy life.

According to the World Health Organisation the vegetables we now grow in Europe have lost 72% of their mineral content compared to 100 yrs ago. North America is down by 85%!

 Aging doesn’t have to mean illness if we put good, wholesome foods into our bodies. Therein lies the problem. We need those nutrients. We need those plant-based minerals.

Why plant-based minerals?

Plant-based minerals are Bio-available to the body. This means they are readily absorbed (100%) and utilized. Many minerals we buy from shops are often metallic. These are not easily absorbed (20%).

 Plants absorb the metallic minerals through their root system. We then eat the plants for our ‘pre-digested’ minerals. These we can readily absorb.

We need vitamins & minerals for our bodies systems to work. However, without minerals, the body cannot easily utilize vitamins. They need that spark of energy that the minerals provide.

So, where do we get these minerals?

 We need to find a good source and that isn’t as easy as you may think. Even organic food is probably deficient in the minerals we need due to the same problems of soil depletion.

Ultimately it comes down to supplementation. We all need to supplement with plant-based minerals and good quality vitamins if we are to stand a chance against the free radicals that destroy our health.

For us to maintain good health we need at least 60 minerals and good sources of vitamins.

 The best source I have found is through a company called:

‘Simply Naturals”

 They produce Sizzling Minerals in a fizzy wafer that you dissolve in water. Each wafer provides your daily requirement of plant-based minerals…and they’re 100% natural and derived from a mine that is 70 million years old. So, pre-pollution!

The founding CEO, Peter Willoughby, has an amazing story to tell of how he survived a huge aortic aneurism. He believes that without the plant-based minerals he would no longer be here!

 But, more about Peter on my next blog…..

If you would like to would like to know more or order Sizzling Minerals, take a look at the website:


 Or speak to Kim, out Natural Pain Therapist on:   07956 424 680

 If you want to stay healthy you need your minerals, preferably plant-based…