Women in Chiropractic

At the end of January members of the Cowes Chiropractic team attended the annual ‘Women in Chiropractic’ conference in London. As the name suggests, it is an event held by women, for women, and the themes this year were creation, connection and collaboration. Speakers from across the world spoke of the challenges and achievements they had experienced throughout their lives and careers, generously sharing their stories in order to empathise with, empower and enrich the women who came to listen.

Abbey Vicky Rebecca Maria Katherine

Each of the speakers voiced their appreciation for the solace and support provided by the networks and relationships they have in their lives, celebrating the ways in which women, in particular, enjoy connecting and sharing experiences. This is summed up in the following quotation which resonated with all who attended:

The desires to motivate, advise and nurture were the principal aims of all speakers, united by a passion for chiropractic and its’ ability to promote healing which shone through their talks as they sang the praises of self-love and self-care. We were inspired by their strength, their willingness to embrace a life of learning and educating themselves and impressed by the sheer hard work that this takes, and finally, we were so grateful for the generosity shown in sharing their abundance of knowledge and experiences at this conference.


A common thread that ran through each presentation was the benefit in acknowledging our own strengths and achievements as strong and successful women, and at the same time, being brave enough to confront fears and accept vulnerabilities as human beings who aren’t perfect. The magic is to be able to appreciate the beauty of each situation and the opportunity to improve. Brene Brown, a renowned researcher lauded frequently throughout the event, explores this concept in her 2010 Tedx talk called ‘The Power of Vulnerability’, and more extensively in her book.

On our way home from the conference, we all shared a profound sense of peace and determination, inspired by the kindness, openness and courage that had emanated from each of the amazing women that stood up on stage to talk to us. We felt empowered to face our fears and be true to ourselves, work hard, show up each and every day in the pursuit of our goals, and to appreciate the many connections we share with others that bring true joy and meaning into our lives.