Mood Boosting Massage

Ela's pathway to massage therapy

Many years ago when I was working in the City of London and suffering from anxiety and alienation, a friend recommended a massage. I booked one and was hooked after just one session!  I felt more positive, more energised, slept better and woke up earlier than usual without an alarm! I soon decided to retrain as a massage therapist.

In the last few years I neglected taking care of myself.  Anxiety and low mood hit hard, especially in winter.  I finally booked a massage and of course it worked wonders!  I felt relaxed and positive, much more able to deal with life’s problems.

I believe it is the unbeatable combination of touch, rhythmic strokes and being in the moment that helps us recover our inner balance.  Not to mention all those knots in the muscles that are finally addressed.  The effect of massage lasts for several days, sometimes even a few weeks.

Also, quite by chance I discovered that when I don’t drink coffee I feel less anxious.   A few of us are sensitive to caffeine.  It is well worth a try to experiment with food and drinks if you suffer from mood swings and anxiety.

Give Cowes Chiropractic Clinic a call to book a massage if you would like to regain your energy, boost your mood and maintain your well being.